3rd-4th August 2019 
Venue: Hyderabad Science Society

Perhaps because of the high status accorded to Science as a discipline at elementary and higher levels of education, we tend to overlook the fact that  scientific inquiry is possible in every locale. Most meaningful human enterprises are within the reach of scientific inquiry. From the humble kitchen to the lofty space station, from the construction of a home to the designing of a musical instrument, from the lowly wheels of the cycle to the gigantic machinery inside factories a scientific approach can help us see what we could not otherwise see.

Hyderabad Science Society and Hyderabad Urban Lab bring to you Science and the City, an exhibition to draw attention to the fact that our cities today more than ever need a robust scientific approach.

HSS brochure
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Some of Hyderabad Urban Lab’s exhibits

7. Mr_X_in_Bombay
6. Chand_Par_Chadayee
4. Three Idiots
A3 portrait

List of a few exhibits by Hyderabad Science Society

  1. Cytogenetic Interactive  model
  2. Awareness of Cervical Cancer
  3. Psychology of cancer
  4. What makes people discourage to go to hospital?
  5. Inviting girls college students to create awareness about early screening and detection of breast and cervical cancer.
  6. Models from isotope lab
  7. Multichannel analyser
  8. Exhaust chamber
  9. Gregor Muller counter
  10. Walrobo

Science In Popular Culture

Event Schedule

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Sneak Peek- Day 1

Hyderabad Science Society and Hyderabad Urban Lab jointly organised  Science and the city, a two day event of talks and exhibits, on the 3rd and 4th of August. 

Here is a sneak peek into the first day and the second day
Day 1
Day 2