All individuals, networks, ideas, earlier work, documents, news and other reports, materials, skills and capacities that HUL possesses and or has access to.

Superman Siraj

The HUL team (All within a 4 km reach of each other)

Our knowledge of the neighbourhood, First Lancer, Ahmed Nagar

Familiarity with the city and cross-generational volunteers

TURN network and hence information from other cities

Resource people from different fields hence authentic shareable information

Spatial understanding through maps

Capacity to read and visualise data

A cordial relationship of cooperation and collaboration with other organisations in the city

Catalogue of media reports

Access to Social Media

Quick voluntary contributions from across the city

Superman Siraj
A map of government identified hotspots in Hyderabad with 1km and 2km radius buffer zones and slum pockets contained in them.
A glimpse of Vijaynagar colony, Hyderabad during the lockdown
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