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Looking at Life in Lockdown Sketches

One of the things many of us have instinctively done at HUL over the years is to visually document the localities we inhabit and the activities that give these neighbourhoods character and life. Each person represents these neighbourhoods in their own unique visual style while also noticing and capturing a multitude of everyday details that make up the essence of our cities. This is an album of sketches made by some of HUL’s team members that record these localities through COVID-19, some of them a comparison between life before and during life in lockdown.

Annapurna Maps
Hotspot Maps

 Lockdown Maps

 Maps give us locations and routes and allow us to tell stories. Where are the hungry people? How do we reach them? If the maps on allow the users to locate themselves and give them routes to reach others, then they have served their purpose. Please do visit the website for detailed information.