All text reports, audio recordings, testimonials, interviews, visual images related to the disease conducted during the lockdown

‘COVID-19 & the city’ is an interview podcast by Hyderabad Urban Lab ( as a part of the Tacit Urban Knowledge Network ( Through these podcasts, we talk to researchers about the pandemic’s implications on urban life in India. The aim is to try and understand the situation we are faced with by asking pertinent questions, to grasp the impact that lockdowns are having on livelihoods, restricted supply of various commodities, restricted movements of people, its implications on women’s safety, on the local economy and businesses, and much more.

Corona se darne ka nahin! 

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Conversation with Md Sirajuddin, who describes how he realised that the only way to fight corona is to overcome fear! Call Hyderabad United Medics for advice and counseling. +91 7306600600

How Soap and water protect you from COVID 19

Urban Local Bodies are critical in the fight against CoVID19

India has been on a nationwide lockdown since 24 March to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. Since the announcement of the lockdown, several Corporators in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have been swamped with calls requesting cooked food, grains, protective gear etc. The number of distress calls received by individuals and NGOs too has been steadily increasing.  Its sudden announcement has created a significant degree of anxiety and concern among people. There is anxiety about supply of essential goods and services during this period. There are concerns for the large numbers of Indians who lack steady incomes, stable shelters, and access to food and water. The sudden nationwide shutdown of public transport left migrant workers with no time to return to their home states. Unaddressed, the chaos being faced by displaced and stranded migrant workers is currently becoming a major crisis in many parts of India. Read More

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