HUL’s approach to the COVID 19 situation has been guided by the belief that as part of the urban community it is imperative that we attempt everything in our capacity (plus some stretching), to take up the challenge that the spread of the virus and its consequences have thrown our way. This Lockdown Album is a compressed edition of HUL’s work from March and ongoing. To make reference and application easier we have cooked up the following categories. As in the fundamental 3 R’s of education we present new R’s. After all, what is dealing with the challenge if not a learning experience?
If as we are being told in the refrain that we will have to live with THIS (recurring pandemics? diseases? lockdowns? economic downturns and even plunges?), if we are to assist each other through perennial tough times, if we are to look out for the most vulnerable, if we are to extend support with dignity and decency, then it will stand us in good stead to share our strengths and setbacks and successes with others who are engaged in similar enterprises in these trying times.
‘My favourite definition of a community is a group of people who care about each other more than they have to…’ 
from the blog of an unknown grad student in the USA.

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