Do Din 2020 – A Civil Society

2020 never gave us a moment of respite. Pandemic, lockdown, return migration, sudden death, floods…

BUT we are back with Do Din – in an altered format at different venue(s), on the 26th and 27th December. The programme will be part online and part offline.

The offline part is dedicated to communities in Hyderabad that suffered multiple injuries – covid, lockdown and the flood, during the year. The online part will be about the lessons from this year’s experiences.

Do Din 2020 will be centred around the thematic of a civil society – एक सभ्य समाज

Indeed if there is one thing that we have become acutely aware of this year, it is the fact that across the world it is people rather than administrations that have risen to the occasion at all levels, the neighborhood, the city and the nation and even across borders, reaching out, raising and disbursing resources and providing support to friends and strangers alike, often unasked.

Civil Society in popular discourse has been seen as members of non governmental organisations and well intentioned reputed people with some voice and clout. The kind of organisations and networks that sprang forth in the last 8 months are remarkable in their frill-free ordinariness. Their focused care work has demonstrated that only a society that is civil in its approach and compassionate in its practice, one that is mindful, alert, sensitive, accommodating and inclusive, can cope and enable others to cope with the kind of unprecedented adversities that we have been visited by, in 2020.

This year has been all about looking out for others, our neighbors, our students, our teachers, our tenants and our owners, our press walas and our auto walas, our farmers and our workers, our weavers, our artists, our vendors and chai walas, transgenders and queers, doctors and nurses, the homeless and the abandoned, all kinds of caregivers, stray animals and other members that are part of the human ecosystem. We as members of a society that has not lost its capacity for civility altogether, have seen each other through illness, hunger, penury, floods and much else.

Sustainable support systems are the prime requisite for a society to remain civilised. At DD 20 we are hoping to draw lessons that will equip us to reinforce inbuilt mechanisms of empathy, care and compassion.

In 2020 we have lost a legion of popular artists and people of letters. We are lesser for those losses but we are obligated to draw the best from those lives and enrich our own. We have also witnessed grit and determination and clarity of purpose and collective action for collective good. We have grown more aware of ourselves and of those who represent us. We have sensed the strength of solidarity and the apathy of the powerful.

Our hope is to collate all these experiences at Do Din and emerge on the threshold of 2021 as stronger, kinder, better humans.

Watch this space for more details.

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