Information on internships and openings at Hyderabad Urban Lab

HULF is currently not hiring. We are also at the moment not offering any paid internships. We will post an announcement for openings here as and when we are ready to hire.

HUL and Team Jalam: Intervention at Malkajgiri

In January 2021, we announced the Water +/- Water competition, through which we invited proposals to design solutions to the water challenges of Hyderabad. The idea was to create solutions in a local context, after conversations with people residing in neighbourhoods, using the best available resources. The best proposal was to receive an implementation grant of Rs 1,25,000, with support from Wipro Foundation

Team Jalam, comprising of architecture students from the Aurora Design Institute, proposed an intervention at a residential colony in Malkajgiri. We stayed with them through the course of the project, and several months and discussions later, it is close to completion. The New Indian Express covered the project in their September 9, 2021 edition.

The HUL logo represents the urban grid, an interconnected network of resources and opportunities that should ideally be available and accessible to everyone who stakes a claim to them. In other words the logo represents the city as a space of resource sharing and opportunity generation for everyone that is part of it.

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”  – Jane Jacob